Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Wreck Room activities expensive?
No. We are the most cost effective alternative to stress relief on the market!

How old do I have to be to try out the Wreck Room activities?
Very young children are currently not permitted into the Wreck Room facility. However, if you are under 18, you maybe able to participate with presence/supervision and consent of a parent or legal guardian. Teens with any diagnosed behavioral issues must also be accompanied with a physician’s referral. Wreck Room activities are at your own risk, so you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian or be a legal adult.

I am expecting soon, but I need to release some stress, can I make an appt?
Unfortunately, no. Due to safety issues and the high likeliness of physical wear and tear, the Wreck Room staff cannot allow pregnant, disabled, severe health issues or people with mental illness to participate. The only exception would be under the advice of a certified physician and special arrangements will have to be made upon verification of the situation.

Can I have my friend in a room with me?
At this time Wreck Room only allows one person in the room at a time. However, we have a great viewable window inches away that you can watch your friend and all the action through and even record them through with your phone/camera.

Can I wear open-toe shoes or sandals?
Open-toe shoes and anything not covering your feet fully are not allowed. We recommend wearing sturdy shoes with thick soles, such as boots. If you do not have boots, we do provide some special Wrecking Boots available for you to wear when you come in to wreck!

Can I split my time with someone else?
Unfortunately, no.

What do I do once I enter the Wreck Room?
Take a deep breath. Collect your thoughts. And then proceed to take out your hatred and rage onto the breakable items and unleash an unrelenting wave of destruction. Scream and yell as you please. It’s Wrecking time!

Can I book my birthday party at Wreck Room?
Of course! What better way to spend your special day. Contact us for a special group rate and to reserve your date in advance.

Are pets allowed?
Although we love all types of pets, the Wreck Room facility does not allow pets inside the building. Plus, we want to ensure your pets stay safe while things are being wrecked!

I hear you also have knife throwing inside?
Yes, we now have a special indoor knife throwing area… we provide some specialty knives, body armor and gloves for you to wear during target practice.

Are you franchising?
Yes. We are currently accepting applications for Wreck Room franchisees to interested and qualified parties, for more information please contact us on our contact page or come into our location and speak with the owner.

This sounds crazy, is this place real?
Yes. This is a real thing and we seriously handle anger and stress issues or accommodate those who want to do it for fun as well.

How did you come up with such a concept?
You should stop by and interview the owners sometime — or check out our PRESS stuff on the home page!